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Invited speakers

We are happy to present the following speakers who accepted invitation to the 9th IMOSC.

Dr Andy Martin - Massey University, New Zealand

Dr Andy Martin - Massey University, New Zealand Dr Andy Martin is an associate professor at Massey University coordinating the work-based experiential learning practicum program in Sport Management for the past two decades. His PhD focused on the experiential process of Outward Bound. He was awarded an Academic Fellowship in 2012 to lead the development of the University’s Applied Learning strategy and is currently part of the Sport@Massey development team. He has also been recognised with university awards for distinction in both research and teaching. His recent research focus is on the development of team culture and leadership. Andy is co-author of ‘Legends in Black’ (2014), a best-selling text on why the All Blacks win. Andy is actively involved in coaching, managing and participating in a wide variety of sports.

Dr Christopher Gidlow - Staffordshire University

Dr Christopher Gidlow - Staffordshire University Dr Christopher Gidlow is an Associate Professor in Applied Health Research at Staffordshire University, with specific interest in how the environment, particularly natural environment, influences our health and physical activity. CG has been researching in this area since 2006, undertaking a range of related projects, from cross-sectional observational studies, to green space interventions, experimental studies and working with large epidemiological datasets. He was the UK Principal Investigator for the FP7-funded PHENTOYPE project (www.phenotype.eu), a four-year European study (2012-2015) to explore the link between natural environment exposure and health. He is also a member of the GOGREENEx (Going Outdoors: Gathering Research Evidence on ENvironment and Exercise) consortium, an international, multi-disciplinary team of academics and non-academic partners with a remit of further exploring the potential of green exercise through active environmental engagement.

Dr Jayson Seaman - University of New Hampshire

Dr Jayson Seaman - University of New Hampshire Jayson Seaman is Associate Professor of Kinesiology - Outdoor Education at the University of New Hampshire, where he teaches classes in outdoor leadership, foundations of outdoor education, and theories of learning and development. His research focuses on the history of outdoor experiential education in the U.S. and youth identity formation in outdoor settings. He is the author of The Backcountry PLAY Book with Ben Mirkin and Jamie Struck and John Dewey and Education Outdoors with John Quay. Dr. Seaman is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Experiential Education. In his free time he competes in triathlons and skis with his family.

Prof. PhDr. Ivo Jirásek, Ph.D. – Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Prof. PhDr. Ivo Jirásek, Ph.D. – Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic Ivo Jirásek is a Professor at Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacký University Olomouc, the Czech Republic. He specializes in philosophical aspects of movement culture (game and play, experience, body, movement), including topic of experiential and outdoor education, and topic of spirituality and spiritual health. He is author of books, book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals (in both English and Czech languages). He is a non-delegate member of executive committee European Association for the Philosophy of Sport, vice-president of International Society for the Social Sciences of Sport, editorial boards’ member of 11 journals and book series in the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Serbia and Taiwan. He used to cooperate for 20 years with the Vacation school of Lipnice - Outward Bound (nonprofit public courses in experiential education framework, http://www.psl.cz/en) and 15 years with the Czech way – Outward Bound (company focused on outdoor management training, http://ceskacesta.cz/en/)

Dr Pete Allison - Pennsylvania State University, USA

Dr Pete Allison - Pennsylvania State University, USA Pete Allison is an associate professor of values and experiential learning in Health and Human Development (Recreation, Park and Tourism Management and Shavers Creek) at The Pennsylvania State University. He joined Penn State in summer 2016 moving from Scotland. He is passionate about youth development through wilderness experiences and has studied and led expeditions for over 25 years. His expeditions have mostly been in Greenland and the Himalaya - including cycling across the Tien Shan Mountains (Kyrgyzstan, China and Pakistan) on a hand powered recumbent bike for a month, cycling from Lhasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu, mountaineering in Ladakh (Northern India), Guiding Kilimanjaro twice and taking young people to Greenland wilderness areas to undertake science work and mountaineering.

Pete’s research is on values and experiential learning and particularly focuses on youth development on expeditions and in wilderness settings. In recent years Pete has been working on cross cultural education in the middle east with a UNESCO project and continues to write in philosophy and research using primarily qualitative methods. Pete is an authority on Kurt Hahn - founder of Outward Bound and several other organisations. He is the Director of The Kurt Hahn Consortium for Values and Experiential Learning – a new Penn State initiative. More information on Pete and the Consortium here … https://peteallison7.wixsite.com/peteallison

Mike McClure - Tollymore National Outdoor Centre, Northern Ireland

Mike McClure - Tollymore National Outdoor Centre, Northern Ireland Mike is the Active Outdoors Development Officer for Sport Northern Ireland and is based at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre. His role involves liaising with local and central government agencies as well as national federations and clubs to strategically develop outdoor sport and recreation. He led a consortium that developed the NI Outdoor Recreation Action Plan which provides the framework of 33 actions that provides the framework for developing Northern Ireland as a great place to be active outdoors. Mike is the secretary of the European Network of Outdoor Sports and has been involved in a range of European Projects including leading the get WET project. Get WET was a pan European Erasmus Plus project to encourage greater participation in Watersports. The project created a toolkit to assist with the development of watersports. Mike is still a very active outdoor enthusiast – with his main passion being sea kayaking. He is a British Canoe Union level 5 Coach and has paddled extensively throughout the UK and Ireland from the Shetlands to the Channel Islands. He has also led trips in Canada, America and Europe. Mike’s background is as an Environmental Scientist and he worked in the field of outdoor and environmental education for over 20 years. He is passionate about engaging people with nature and communicating the importance of our fantastic ecosystems and wildlife.

Dr Ulrich Dettweiler - Stavanger University, Norway

Dr Ulrich Dettweiler - Stavanger University, Norway Ulrich Dettweiler is Associate Professor of Education at Stavanger University/ Norway. His research focus lies in place based and outdoor education, and together with neuroscientists in Mannheim and Mainz, his group was the first to search systematically into neuro-biological variables of the „green factor“ of regular outdoor teaching. Prior to his academic career, Ulrich has been working in various leadership positions in the non-formal educational sector and has extensive experience as an outdoor leadership trainer, especially in science management.

Dr Simon Priest

Dr Simon Priest Simon Priest is a Canadian expert in outdoor leadership, adventure programming, and the facilitation of learning and change. His areas of expertise include corporate training and development, wilderness resource management, and adventure travel and ecotourism. He is the author of hundreds of publications, presented thousands of experiential workshops, and delivered dozens of keynote addresses for conferences. He has received more than 15 awards for his teaching and research, including the Willi Unsoeld Award from the Association for Experiential Education.

Edwin Jakob - Sportschule Koeln, Germany

Edwin Jakob - Sportschule Koeln, Germany

Dr John Quay - University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr John Quay - University of Melbourne, Australia John Quay is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include outdoor and environmental education, physical education, curriculum studies and philosophy of education. Conjoining these interests is a focus on philosophical understandings of experience and application of these to various interpretations of educational work. Books published include Education, Experience and Existence: Engaging Dewey, Peirce and Heidegger (Routledge); Understanding Life in School: From Academic Classroom to Outdoor Education (Palgrave Macmillan); John Dewey and Education Outdoors (co-authored with Jayson Seaman, Sense Publishers), Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues (co-edited, Routledge).

Prof Michail Michailov, National Sports Academy, Bulgaria

Prof Michail Michailov, National Sports Academy, Bulgaria Michail is an Associated Professor at the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria where he teaches Theory and Methodology of Sports Training. He is interested in scientific support in elite sport and has served at the Directorate of Control and Management of Sports Preparation, Ministry of Physical Education and Sports, Sofia, Bulgaria. Michail is a dedicated researcher of rock climbing performance and physiology. He has published scientific articles on climbing and two books about sport training.
Michail assists the Bulgarian sport climbing team with sport-specific work capacity diagnostics and methodological advice. In collaboration with Associated Professor Jiri Balas, Michail developed an advanced device and a methodology for comprehensive performance assessment of finger strength, endurance and local muscle aerobic and anaerobic capacity in climbers.

Dr Simon Fryer

Dr Simon Fryer Dr Simon Fryer completed a PhD in 2013 in Canterbury, New Zealand under the supervision of Professor Nick Draper. Simon’s thesis investigated both the psychophysiological responses, and the hemodynamic kinetics during rock climbing performance. Specifically, he focused on aiming to understand the macro and micro –vascular responses within the forearm to sustained and intermittent contractions to failure. More recently, he has been working with the C-HIPPER research group to investigate the oxidative capacity of the forearm flexors and how this may in part help explain climbing performance.

Dr David Giles, Great Britain

Dr David Giles, Great Britain Dave is a research fellow in the University of Derby's College of Health and Social Care Research Centre, UK. His research interest is exercise physiology, psychology and psychophysiology, specifically the investigation of the physiological, psychological and biochemical responses to performance rock climbing. Dave completed his PhD at the University of Derby in September 2017 supervised by Prof. Nick Draper, titled "Psychophysiological and emotional antecedents of climbing performance".

Prof. Vanesa España Romero, University of Cadiz, Spain

Prof. Vanesa España Romero, University of Cadiz, Spain Vanesa España Romero finished her PhD at the University of Granada (Spain) in 2008. As a climber for over 20 years and a Professor at the University of Cadiz (Spain), She has been researching on rock-climbing related to education, exercise physiology, PA and fitness assessment and the relationship with health outcomes and high performance. She promotes rock-climbing as a physical activity to be practiced from children to adults, as a recreational or high performance activity taking into account its power on individual health status. She had the opportunity to work previously under the supervision of Dr. Phillip Watts or Dr. Steven Blair, world-leading researchers from USA, where she extended her knowledge in rock climbing, physical activity, fitness and health outcomes at the population level. She has published 50 articles in just international peer-reviewed journals with impact factor (JCR Science Edition, ISI Web of Knowledge) and her total number of citations is 1812 (1771 without self-citations), with an average of 26.81 citations per article. Nowadays, she is working on date from the CHIPPER project as a main research from its. Moreover, she works on a new patented system to assess specific muscular isometric strength in rock climbers.