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Invited speakers

We are happy to present the following speakers who accepted invitation to the 10th IMOSC.

John Quay

John Quay Title of the lecture
Education and wildness: will and spirit in a more-than-human world

John Quay is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include outdoor and environmental education, physical education, curriculum studies and philosophy of education. Conjoining these interests is a focus on philosophical understandings of experience and application of these to various interpretations of educational work. Books published include Education, Experience and Existence: Engaging Dewey, Peirce and Heidegger (Routledge); Understanding Life in School: From Academic Classroom to Outdoor Education (Palgrave Macmillan); John Dewey and Education Outdoors (co-authored with Jayson Seaman, Sense Publishers), Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues (co-edited, Routledge).

Patrick Matros

Patrick Matros Title of the lecture
Motor learning in climbing movement

Patrick Matros is a lecturer for sport and educational science as well as different sport disciplines. He has a master degree in sport and educational sciences. Patrick is author of two climbing books, including the worldwide bestseller GimmeKraft! He has trained athletes at the Federal Center of Sportclimbing in Nuremberg for several years and coaches climbing team members of the adidas terrex climbing team. Well known for coaching top climber Alexander Megos over more than 10 years, he also worked with climbers like Barbara Zangerl, Bernd Zangerl, Kevin Jorgeson, Roger Schäli, Petra Klingler, Margo Hayes as well as national teams of several countries. Under the brand name “Kraftfactory” he coaches worldwide climbers as well as trainers in climbing related topics. Patrick has 20 years of climbing under his fingertips with about 200 ascents of routes between 8a and 8c.

David Giles

David Giles Title of the lecture
Theory ↔ Practice: applying and developing climbing research through its application to athlete assessment, monitoring and coaching

Dr Dave Giles is the research and development lead for Lattice Training, a UK based climbing company with an international reputation for data driven coaching. His talk will explore the current state of climbing research and its the benefits and challenges of its application to athlete assessment, monitoring and coaching. Dave will also consider current research priorities in climbing, with a practical look at knowledge gaps and research opportunities.

Espen Hermans

Espen Hermans Title of the lecture
The effects of climbing specific finger training with blood flow restriction

Espen Hermans is working as an Assistant Professor on Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. There he teaches Friluftsliv through subjects such as rock climbing and backcountry skiing. He is also passionate about climbing research, especially training interventions. Currently he is working on his PhD in training for climbing.

Vegard Vereide

Vegard Vereide Title of the lecture
A 10 week crossover study of climbing and bouldering with quality training on strength parameters

Vegard Vereide works as an Assistant Professor and IFMGA Mountain Guide at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. He teach the study programs of Friluftsliv, Nature Based Tourism and Nature Guiding, and Outdoor Education and Nordic Friluftsliv (for incoming students). His main areas are rock and sport climbing, glacier tours and ski touring. He is also passionate about climbing research, especially rate of force development. Currently he is working with finger strength and rate force development in climbing.