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Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is one of the seventeen faculties based on the venerable Charles University.

Basic information about the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and its history

Czech higher physical education dates back to the period before World War I. At the beginning there were various educational courses at the Faculty of Medicine. Efforts of progressive scientists and educators such as professor Smotlacha, Borovanský, Jirásek and Weigner led to the Bill of establishing “Tyrš’s State Institute of Physical Education” in 1930. This idea was implemented after the War by forming “Institute for Education of Physical Education at Charles University”. In 1948 the Institute was incorporated in the Faculty of Education, from which the independent Higher School of Education was formed in 1953. A new higher school – “Institute of Physical Education and Sport” was founded in 1953 together with “Research Institute of Physical Education”. Both institutions provided education for pedagogical, scientific and managing workers who wanted to pursue their carrier in the area of physical education and sport science. Within reorganization of higher schools in 1958, three departments of Higher School of Education were added to the Institute of Physical Education and Sport. This new formation was joined to Charles University as one of its faculties.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in the Czech Republic is the only university which currently provides the following degree programs: the study of teaching physical education (in combination with another subject), single-subject studies in physical education (and physical education in the Army), and since 1982 the field of rehabilitation. Charles University organizes all forms of education – pre-graduate, PhD (postgraduate degree), extension courses, and coaching for the needs of sports federations.

The faculty building is located on the outskirts of Prague near the airport, but with good access to the centre (about 20min). Nearby is a natural reservation Divoká Šárka, deep rocky valley surrounded by forests, a great place for walks, jogging or cycling.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, José Martího 31, Prague 6, 162 52 - map.